Our Program


Medical Students Helping Educate Adolescents to Live Tomorrow Healthy

This is a program in health education created and organized by dedicated students at Boston University School of Medicine. It aims to educate children about key health issues in the 21st century to guide them toward developing healthy lifestyles.


Educate youth about age-appropriate health issues

Create interest in health maintenance and science among younger generations

Empower medical students to make a difference in the lives of children

Build a strong partnership between Boston University School of Medicine and local public schools


Program consists of one to two workshops per week for one month (Flexible)

Medical students design and lead the interactive educational sessions

Workshops are based upon an evidence-based curriculum: The Great Body Shop or Glencoe Health (according to grade level)

Topics may include: human body, growth and development, illness, nutrition, physical fitness, safety, violence prevention, substance use, relationships, sexual behaviors, and/or bullying.

Students will work closely with principals, nurses and teachers throughout the program

Project has been approved by the Office of Research, Assessment, and Evaluation and funded by a grant for community service projects

As future physicians, we hope to apply our knowledge and skills to educate youth about healthy practices. We are excited to work with children to make a difference in their lives!

 If you are interested in participating or have questions about the program, please contact Jared Walsh by email at projectmedhealth@gmail.com.

 Thank you!


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